141014: new playlist! c: feat. 30 songs because i love music & i don't know what self-control is. lmao. hope you enjoy it!
꒰๑˃꒵˂꒱◞ ♪⋆ฺ。


- What kind of blog is this?

Multi-fandom! It’s under the Korean/Asian fandom, mainly, but I have a lot of “sub-fandoms” as well. 

  • Got7, Exo, SHINee, BTS, B.A.P., Winner, Big Bang & much, much more

- Why don’t you reply to me?/my asks?

I’m honestly just a super duper busy person. I usually have a lot of stuff on queue and then try to get on as much as possible whenever I can!
If I don’t respond in like a day or 2, it’s probably because tumblr ate it up. D; I swear I’m not trying to ignore you!!! (whispers~ come back)

[Psssssttt. You can tweet me here if you want. I reply back faster!!]

- What do you use to make gifs/edit?

Photoshop CS6 & I got it here.
[I use Mac, so the link above only works for mac computers!]
It’s a torrent, so a torrent-downloader will be needed as well.
I use this one and I’ve used it for years, so it’s safe! It’s also really easy to use.
(Be sure to follow the directions carefully!)

I got photoshop on the date of August 14, 2014.

- Do you take requests for edits/gifs?

Yes, I do, any time! Feel free to send me them :)

- You edit fantaken photos & videos. You shouldn’t be doing that.

Yes, I do edit fantaken photos & videos. I’m not putting any credit on them because they were never mine in the first place. All credits go to their sources though~

- !!! Please check out my #replies to see if I replied to you first~

  • Name: Kimberly
  • Age: 20
  • Location: Chicago
  • Interests: Exploring, learning, & loving.
Bio: Artist. Wanderlust. Curious. Lover. Thinker. Insomniac. Caffeine-drinker. Hot-head. Procrastinator. Perfectionist. Warrior. Believer in King Jesus. ♡

A cheesy, little, freckled, human being you can probably put into a box. c: Insanely awkward, immensely embarrassing, loud, & very huggable! (just like all my biases)

I have passions for good coffee, abstract art, people, and Jesus. I love adventuring to coffee shops while spending quality time with good company and talk about life. I have insomnia and it sucks, because I love sleep. So much. Corny, bad jokes and hugs are kinda the greatest things ever. I have an unhealthy obsession of taking gazillion pictures for instagram and consuming dark chocolate at any hour of the day.

I believe in fighting and standing up for what I believe in. I believe in self-expression. I believe that everyone deserves love. I'm a fighter, in the most loving of ways.

Anonymous whispers: hi do you take graphic requests? if you do can you make one of mark/junior or both?? thanks! i love your graphics they are really creative! [:

Yes, I do & thank you!! Feel free to request graphics any time~
Here you go, anon,~